Australia's big beast of the 60's

The engine was a 3 cylinder, two-stroke General Motors 3-71 supercharged (as opposed to turbo charged) diesel (213cc) with (liquid cooled vertical inline). The engine developed 100hp at 1800 revs. It had massive drawbar pulling power, better than in rivals from America eg Oliver 1900D.

The Chamberlain Super 90

‘The Chaimberlain Super 90 was the ultimate muscle tractor of the 1960s – a classic in its own time’

This was built by Chamberlain in the Welshpool factory in Western Australia. The model was built from 1962 to 1967 and a total of 803 units were made. In 1963 Chamberlain released the Super 90 to compete with the larger more powerful tractors being developed on the USA.

It was a really powerful tractor designed for use in Australia’s Broadacre country. Broadacre is defined as parcels of land greater than 4000m square-the use of large areas of land to grow a single crop.

The 23.1x26 rear tyres of the Chamberlain, mounted on heavy duty steel rims, plus the sheer weight of the tractor, enabled the Super 90 to obtain its superb grip of the ground. The 100 hp Super 90 was possibly the most powerful two wheel drive farm tractor in its era. Sometimes the Super90 pulled two 22disc ploughs coupled together in tandem-it was so powerful.

The tractor had 9 forward gears with 3 reverse (3 range gear box with low medium and high ranges)

It was not fitted with 3 point linkage. Implements were attached to the draw bar.


It was very expensive to manufacture the Chamberlain Super 90 and as a result production came to an end in 1966/67, ending the era of a great Australian tractor. The replacement for it was the Chamberlain Countryman 345.